Discover the secrets
of a fascinating British artist

When Leonard Evetts died in 1997, he left behind a treasure trove of over 100 paintings hidden away in a backroom. These paintings lay undiscovered for nearly 10 years. Luckily they were found and we are proud to be able to offer these paintings in a series of limited edition collections.

Take a look at the painting below and get ready for a fascinating journey.

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The painting shows a picturesque street scene in Chipping Campden*, a small market town outside London, England.

You are about to learn the hidden secrets.

Look at the tree on the left hand side … or should I say the essence of a tree. Leonard didn’t have time to paint the leaves and branches. But he knew the secret. He knew how to paint just enough detail for us to know that an established tree sits there.

What about the church behind the tree?  How do we know it’s a church? What’s the secret? The tall arched windows. (Further on in this story you'll discover why churches were important to Leonard.)

How do we know that the figures walking up the hill are school children? I’ll let you discover that secret for yourself. (If you can't find the answer, click here to send me an email and I'll reveal it you.)

Leonard Evetts was fascinated by light and shade and how the changing weather and the different times of day affected the atmosphere of a scene. The atmosphere was all-important to him, “It's all around us, we are in it, it’s not just something over there”, was a frequent comment. When the moment was right he had to paint quickly … if he took too long the moment was gone … perhaps forever. Leonard developed a unique style, capturing scenes at great speed using just light sketching and the softest of tones.

Leonard's paintings hold many more secrets for you to discover. You'll lose yourself in his paintings for hours as you play detective in your very own artistic adventure. Clue by clue, you'll piece together the secrets that make his paintings so pleasantly addictive and very soon you'll be captivating your family and friends as you divulge these secrets to them.

Discover more about Leonard Evetts…

Leonard had a long pedigree in Art and Design. He studied at the Royal College of Art in London, taught at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland and was head of design for 37 years at Kings College, Newcastle. He has exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Hatton Gallery and the Stone Gallery. A collection of his work is still regularly exhibited at the prestigious Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle.

In addition to his painting, Leonard was probably the most prolific British stained glass artist of the 20th century. In England, and as far away as New Zealand, over four hundred examples of his work exist in churches today, including ten magnificent windows in the Parish Church at Grimsby, ten in St Luke's, Scarborough, eighteen in St Bartholomew's, Newcastle.

The forty-six individual windows in St Nicholas’ Church, Sunderland have been called “an achievement unparalleled in modern times”. Malcolm Peach, the Church’s vicar from 1972 to1985 writes, ”For Leonard this was not just the work of a stained glass artist taking up another commission, but the pilgrim identifying steps along the way of faith”.

Leonard completed his last commission – a stained glass window for a local Parish Church – just 10 days before he died in 1997.

“Leonard knew the secrets because he taught them every day.”

Leonard’s work is available for the first time in the USA …

We are releasing Leonard’s paintings as a series of strictly Limited Edition collections. The collections feature beautiful coastal scenes, picturesque valleys and quaint English villages. Even magnificent castles.

click above to view Leonard's first collection

The first collection to be released consists of four of Leonard’s paintings and is limited to 250 sets of each. And to make the collection even more exclusive, we are only releasing five sets per state. With just this small number in the whole of your state, you will almost certainly be the only person in your area to have these beautiful Limited Edition Leonard Evetts paintings on your wall.

This is your chance to start building an exclusive collection. The limited edition sets come with individual Certificates-of-Authenticity and a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you do not wish to keep Leonard’s work then simply return it. We will cheerfully refund the purchase price. No questions asked.

Join an exclusive group of collectors …

Purchase Leonard's paintings and you'll join an exclusive group of collectors and enjoy some valuable benefits. You’ll get to see and buy future collections before they are released on the web-site. You'll also help choose which paintings appear in future collections and you'll get to know much more about Leonard's fascinating life and work.

Check availability online now … (and take advantage of a very special limited time offer)

Limiting each painting to just five sets per state means they will sell out quickly. If you like Leonard’s work then I urge to click the link below to check availability in your state and purchase quickly. Each painting is $397.00 and shipping is FREE and to make it quick and easy, you can pay with most credit cards and PayPal.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be one of the first to discover and enjoy Leonard’s work.

Yours sincerely

Paul Jackson
Collection Manager

P.S. This may be your only chance to own work by this truly fascinating artist as the collection is expected to sell out quickly. And remember, once you own Leonard's work you will get priority when new collections are released.


Note: After his death in 1997, Leonard's widow Phyllis set up a fund to provide scholarships for promising young artists. Your purchase will generate a contribution to this fund and help other young artists learn his secrets.

*Where did the name Chipping Campden come from?

The name Campden (pronounced Camden, it’s a silent “p”) or Camperdene is believed to be a Saxon name meaning valley with fields. A written reference to Campden in the Domesday Book (1085), records that before the Norman conquest, the manor of Camperdene had been held by King Harold. By the early 13th century, the market area was being called 'Cepynge Caumpedene' (or 'Market Campden'). The word Chipping is "olde" English for market.




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